Gloria Mosquera

Gloria Mosquera, Plant Pathologist and Project leader at the Alliance Bioversity & CIAT working at Palmira campus under Crop for Nutrition and Health Lever. PhD in Plant Pathology from Kansas State University with more than 10 years of experience on molecular and applied pathology that has crafted her commitment to be part of different strategies aimed at decreasing the negative impact of diseases on crop production, especially in Rice and Beans in LAC and Africa, respectively.
Her main skills are molecular diagnosis, plant-microbe interactions, and plant disease phenotyping, knowledge deployed on development and execution of research projects linking basic science, genetic diversity, biotic-abiotic interactions, and advanced phenotyping tools with the necessities on farmer fields.
Convinced of the broader impact through multidisciplinary work, she is involved in different collaboration groups at national and international level, with scientists as breeders, agronomists, molecular biologists, physiologists, crop modelers and AI specialists (Digital tools), among others, to tackle biotic constraints considering multiple components inside the production system.
Besides research, she is committed with the training of young people from National Agriculture Programs and Universities, in order to assure the formation of a new generation responsible for reliable assessment and monitoring of diseases affecting crop yield at different production areas.
The fact that she grew up on a farm in Colombia makes her more sensitive to the problems faced by small farmers specially in developing countries, and inspire her every day in the development and improvement of tools to diagnose, characterize, and monitor plant pathogens and to identify the appropriate technology to control diseases that are affecting productivity, product quality, and food supply.