Emmanuel Mwema

I am an environmental professional with diverse research & modelling skills in the nexus of agriculture and the environment. As a forage, my objective is to help the Alliance to contribute towards equitable, nutritious and sustainable food production systems. Together with the Forages Team, we aim to transition the livestock farming systems of this world to be less emissive by introducing forage varieties that adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change. It doesn't end there! Of course, the improved forage varieties have shown higher protein and energy contents that are necessary requirements to boost the reproductive performance of cattle. Now, sit back and enjoy that glass of milk or cut that steak.
With over four years at Alliance -previously as Intern, Consultant and now a Research Associate, my primary focus is to inform the impacts of livestock systems and value chains on the environment through modelling. I equally support developing, testing, and refining new models. Through participatory modelling research, I have managed to design sustainable production pathways for more than 10 livestock systems and provided evidence on the environmental co-benefits of forages in East Africa and Asia region. We hope that policymakers and stakeholders can leverage on the knowledge products and modelling tools the Alliance has developed to better inform and transform the farming systems at the landscape level.
My extracurricular activities are not limited to hiking, travelling and playing football.

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