Didier Lesueur

Didier Lesueur received a PhD in Plant-Soil-Microorganism interaction from the University of Paris VI (Pierre & Marie Curie) in 1992. He has been getting a position in CIRAD for working in France (1992 – 1996) at the BSFT laboratory, at IRD-Dakar in Senegal for 8 years (1996 – 2004), at CIAT-TSBF in Nairobi-Kenya for 6 years (2004-2010), at LDD-Bangkok for 5 years (2011-2016) and currently at CIAT-Hanoi where he arrived in August 2016.

For all these positions, he was leading soil microbiology research. His main areas of research have been biological nitrogen fixation and the utilization of beneficial microorganisms for inoculating legumes and other crops within agroecological systems in relation to nutrient cycles. He is currently coordinating the CMBP Asia-Pacific network on microbial biotechnologies aiming to develop soil biological indicators for improving soil health management by farmers. His field experiences are mainly in Africa (14 years) and South East Asia (more than 11 years now). He has co-authored over 120 referred journal articles or book chapters and has trained 15 PhD students and 50 M.Sc. students from Europe, Asia, and Africa.