Diana Carolina Lopera

I am currently a Senior research associate at the Alliance Bioversity-CIAT under the program Performance, Innovation, and Strategic Analysis for Impact (PISA4Impact), specifically at the Foresight and Applied Economics (FAE) team. I hold a master’s degree in applied economics from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and a BSc in Economics from the Universidad del Valle.

I am passionate about nutrition, food systems, understanding the agri-food value chains, agricultural technological innovations (such as biofortification), sustainable production, and community/rural development. With more than ten years of experience, I have focused on a range of research topics, such as rural household characterizations, crop adoption analysis, nutritional data analysis, design, and implementation of economic election experiments with a gender approach centered in intra-household dynamics and their relationship with nutrition, the impact assessment of social and agricultural interventions and value chain analysis studies.

I have also developed abilities in project management and field work for primary data collection. This experience has provided me with a strong background in applied economic research and solid skills in quantitative and qualitative analysis methods.

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