Daniel Masika

Daniel Masika is a Climate Resilient Food Systems Specialist with the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT of the CGIAR, with regional expertise in Climate Smart Agriculture Technologies within the Impact SF. He is a Soil Scientist, with a strong bias in Soil, Water Conservation and Modelling of Agricultural and Environmental Resources. Formerly, he worked as a Technical Expert with World Vision, a humanitarian institution with food security, livelihood and resilience Project on Climate Smart Techniques. He has offered support to increase yield in 4000 ha Rice farms through the optimization of inputs and AWD programs in Eastern Kenya. He received a master’s degree in Soil Science from the University of Ghana with further prospects in ‘Below and above ground Carbon resources quantification and technical audit’. His interests include GHG and Carbon Sequestration, Monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV), CSA promotion and analyses, TOT, and investor-investee partnership in sustainable finance. Besides his contribution to publishing reports and scientific papers in the CG space, he has received numerous VM training, ISO, standards and program rules & guidelines on VCS, CCB and SD Vista from Verra.