Carlos Eduardo Navarro Racines

My research centers around using crop-climate models to understand the impacts of climate change on agriculture for purposes of planning and adaptation processes. My climate and impact modeling work includes the application of downscaling techniques for the generation of high-resolution climate projections for conservation plans, niche models, crop models, and biodiversity evaluation. One of my main achievements is the co-development of the CCAFS-Climate portal (, an open-access site that delivers future climate change projections to researchers and professionals around the world.
I have more than one decade of experience working at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (Alliance Bioversity International and CIAT). I have contributed to a broad range of research projects and have worked at both the national and international levels. During the last years, I focus my research on the study of the impact of climate variability on crops, through the implementation and scaling of climate services in Latin America. This work involves the integration of local, national, and regional stakeholders to develop and implement innovative approaches and tools based on local and scientific information to improve climate risk management, considering gender aspects and food security indicators.
I help combine local data on agroclimatic information with seasonal climate forecasts to generate recommendations in agriculture that can be used by decision-makers and farmers in 12 countries in the region. I actively contribute to various types of publications, including peer-reviewed articles, policy briefs, and donor reports.