Bogale Nigir

Dr. Bogale Nigir Hailemariam is a research officer at the Alliance of Bioversity International - CIAT Ethiopian office Works on agrobiodiversity for food and agriculture. His work focuses on climate change, biodiversity, and breeding-related tasks. He has more than thirteen years of research experience in developing research projects related to climate change's effects and appropriate measures to overcome climate change effects on crop diversity and crop diseases.
Dr. Bogale’s credentials include a PhD scholar in Agro-biodiversity/Plant Genetic resources from the University of Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies (Italy) where he studied characterizing Ethiopian durum wheat nested association mapping population for agronomy and disease resistance traits. He has a Master of Science degree in plant pathology from Haramaya University, Ethiopia, and a Bachelor’s degree in Plant Science, from Haramaya, Ethiopia.
He has experience in project writing, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluation, and report and scientific paper writing.

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