Anastasia Wahome

Anastasia is a Research Team Leader with a background in Computer Science and GIS, leading and managing geospatial projects, including the coordination of data acquisition, ensuring high-quality user-tailored data and tools, and supporting the integration of these tools into broader environmental and development initiatives, stakeholder engagements and collaborations, and team leadership. Her roles include leading a team of technical specialists in implementing Climate resilient services, being the principal technical expert and primary technical contact with partner organizations, overseeing stakeholder engagements, needs assessments, service design, and implementation.
Prior to joining the Alliance, she was the SERVIR Eastern & Southern Africa's (a collaboration between USAID and NASA) Science, Data & Technology Lead, leading a team of technical experts in agriculture & food security, water & related disasters, land cover land use change monitoring and weather & climate service areas, that sought to improve the use of Earth observation data for informed decision.
Anastasia has also worked in other institutions including NGOs, governmental and private sector, and in various sectors (water, population, health, etc.) as a software developer and data management expert in different capacities, both individually and also leading software development and data management teams.
She also took up roles in the continental and global fronts which included being a Co-Chair of the Group on Earth Observations' (GEO) Data Working Group, a member of the Expert Advisory Group on Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), and planning, coordination and implementation of AfriGEO activities.

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