Adam Drucker

Dr. Adam G. Drucker is Bioversity’s Principal (Ecological) Economist working under the 'Effective Genetic Resources Conservation and Use' initiative and is coordinator of a global programme of work related to the ‘Economics of Agrobiodiversity Conservation and Use’.

Adam has extensive (> 30 years) international research (Bioversity, ILRI) and development agency, United Nations (UNDP/UNV, UNICEF), NGO and university experience (Wye/Imperial, London; Charles Darwin, Australia) across Latin America, Africa and Australia in the design, management, appraisal and fund-raising for a wide range of multidisciplinary conservation, development and research projects/programmes. These have been related to sustainable agriculture and rural development, deforestation, biodiversity conservation, water contamination, climate change, environmental policy development and the use of market-based instruments.

Tools and methods have involved: the development/testing of ecological economic valuation approaches, decision-support tools and payments for ecosystems services incentive mechanisms; participatory planning/appraisal; environmental impact assessment, policy analysis; training; and results dissemination. He holds a PhD in Agricultural/Environmental Economics and Policy, and a Masters in the Economics of Latin America (both University of London). He speaks fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese, and a has a working knowledge of Italian and French.