Blog Theobroma: A chocolate proposal with "Colombian Cocoa 100% Peace and 0% Deforestation"

At the crossroads between academia, sustainable agriculture and innovation in the world of chocolate, "Theobroma*" emerges, a proposal that goes beyond simply being a product, becoming a symbol of commitment to sustainability and peace.

This work was created within the framework of the SLUS project focused on promoting sustainable land use systems, and as part of the CGIAR Resilient AgriLAC Initiative. Students Isabella Muñoz Gómez and Nilly Zharick Ruiz Cano, under the guidance of Professor Ángela Gil Rodríguez of ICESI University, identified export opportunities for a brand of chocolate made from cocoa produced on the farms of the producers who participated in these initiatives and which highlights the importance of environmental, social and economic aspects.

Inspired by the history of cocoa in Colombia, the students present "Theobroma" as a proposal that seeks to promote peace and combat deforestation. The result sits at the intersection of sustainability and the chocolate industry, proposing a brand that transcends its character as a product to become a catalyst for change.

The 60% and 70% cocoa chocolate bars with cocoa from the associations ASPROABELEN from Belén de los Andaquíes in Caquetá and ASOPROAGRO from La Paz in Cesar, seek not only to delight palates, but also to promote "100% peace and 0% deforestation". Market research in Europe supports the potential of "Theobroma" in a market increasingly inclined towards sustainable products.

The work goes beyond branding; it offers key recommendations to ensure success in the competitive European market. Customized marketing strategies, collaborations with environmental organizations and a focus on designing attractive packaging that reflects the sustainability and peace values of the proposal.

"Theobroma" is not just a chocolate product; it is a statement of commitment to sustainability and peace. This study not only highlights the importance of higher education and research in creating innovative solutions to social challenges, but also underscores the commitment of academia to building a more sustainable future in harmony with our environment.

*It is important to note that 'Theobroma' is an academic proposal and does not have a trademark registration at this time. Therefore, the authors of this project disclaim any responsibility related to the commercial use of this name or trademark in the industry. This work is presented as an academic and research exercise in order to explore opportunities and promote peace, sustainability and non-deforestation in the production of Colombian cocoa.

This document was prepared within the framework of project 18_III_106_COL_A_Sustainable Production Strategies, "Implementation of sustainable agricultural and livestock systems for the simultaneous targeting of forest conservation for climate change mitigation (REDD+) and peace building in Colombia", which is part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI). The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) supports this initiative on the basis of a decision adopted by the German Bundestag. And thanks to the support of the CGIAR initiatives, AgriLAC Resilient and Mitigate+: Research for Low Emissions Food Systems.