Terra-i, new data - new look for the website

Terra-i: nuevos datos, nuevo look para el sitio web

The Terra-i team has worked hard on renovating Terra-i’s website since early this year. A set of new features on the website provides interactive contents and facilitates adaptation to the mobile devices of our users. The fresh website was developed using the latest update of an open-source, Java-based web system, Magnolia CMS 5.4.4. This update was customized to add different categories of interaction such as news, vegetation cover changes, and information, among others. The main changes implemented follow.

Handy options on the home page

The home page allows easy access to sections of most recent news, publications (reports, tutorials, external studies, research papers), data visualization, download page to vegetation cover loss data in ASCII format, social media (Twitter: @terrai_ciat, Facebook: terra.i.org, and YouTube: Terraiproject), and more.

Global-level data download tool

Spatial distribution of MODIS tiles with 250m resolution, processed for Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

In the data download section, it is possible to obtain and look for calibrated vegetation loss and uncalibrated vegetation gain data for 141 tiles of the Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer sensor (MODIS) with 250m resolution, processed for Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

For more information about MODIS tiles, see https://modis-land.gsfc.nasa.gov/MODLAND_grid.html.

A visualization tool extended for the entire pan-tropics

For the updated visualization tool, users can find all the information on vegetation change data. User queries can be made by country and administrative level (department, state, district, province, and region, among others).

Another significant change in the visualization tool is that forest changes are now reported (and visualized) in terms of alerts instead of hectares. For conversion to hectares, each alert corresponds to an area equal to 6.25 hectares.

For more information about how to use the data visualization tool, go to Publications →tutorials.

News showcase

In the blog section, users can find all news, analysis, and field work (validation) data. The news section is organized by category (features, analysis, and news). These categories are usually authored by Terra-i team members and also by data users.

Pictures, videos, and story maps

In the multimedia section, users can find pictures, videos, and interactive stories (story maps) that document all field work campaigns led by the Terra-i team and partners.


“Thanks to the work with Global Forest Watch (GFW), the Terra-i team has successfully expanded the spatial coverage of forest change data to the pan-tropics, offering a monthly tracking of data. The recent update of the website allows Terra-i users to visualize and download all processed data and information for Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.”

Louis Reymondin

Terra-i’s team leader

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Louis Reymondin

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