Introducing CIAT Learning Commons!

Introducing CIAT Learning Commons!

Many university and public libraries have abandoned their old books and study rooms in favour of bright, open, communal workspaces – spaces to drink coffee, meet with colleagues, and enjoy a change of scenery. CIAT Learning Commons is a space for CIAT staff and visitors to dream up their best ideas, to work together, and to take a break from their desks. Staff can study, enjoy the white noise of other colleagues working, or hold an impromptu meeting.


CIAT Library has evolved over the past five years…. First, digitizing and downsizing, then becoming CIAT’s resource for Open Access and Open publishing, and now becoming hosts in the Learning Commons.

CIAT Learning Commons has:

  • Good Wifi
  • Communal work tables
  • Individual work stations
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Helpful staff

Great ideas for the future include:

  • A coffee station
  • Quiet writing hours
  • Board games
  • Ask-a-director office hours
  • Hammocks!
CIAT Learning Commons is Open Access. No reservations are required. It is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday at CIAT Headquarters.
Brought to you by your Data and Information Management team, working to achieve “Open” science… 

Elizabeth Campillo

Information Analyst

Elizabeth is your primary library contact. She can help source limited access articles and ensure your publications are being archived properly in our repositories.

Carlos Saa

Information Analyst

Carlos provides technical assistance with CIAT databases and individual e-journal subscriptions.

Leroy Mwanzia

Data and Information Manager

Leroy answers questions regarding Data and Information Services overall. Please contact him if there are any gaps in our services.