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October, 2016

Dear All,

The Data and Information Services team is sharing with you the latest CIAT Research Online Newsletter. This newsletter includes all the 2016 research outputs submitted since our last newsletter. Please see some key highlights below:

  • We have 153 peer reviewed journal articles as of 21st October 2016. 90% are in ISI indexed journals and 70.5% are open access. This is an improvement of 12.5% from the 136 refereed articles published last year.
  • Regrettably we have 1 journal article that was submitted to a predatory journal this year, learn more about predatory journals and how to avoid them this open access week.
  • We have 19 datasets in 2016. The data management team is curating 9 additional datasets, making a total of 25. We target to publish 45 open datasets in 2016.

As we celebrate Open Access Week, starting today until Friday, 28 October, it is a good time to reflect on how CIAT as an institution has become more open.

In 2013, only 47% of our peer-reviewed articles were open access, this year 71% are open. All of our datasets on Dataverse are fully open without any restrictions for use apart from attribution. This is thanks to the collective effort of all CIAT staff, including researchers, management, and research support personnel.

This week, we continue to focus on open access with a number of activities. Register for the “Web of Science” webinar today. Also, those at CIAT HQ can attend the “Open Publishing of Research Outputs” seminar on Thursday. Do not miss our OA-related blogs throughout the week.

We encourage you to join our conversation online:

  • Use the following hashtags on Twitter to share your stories on how open research is making an impact; #OAWeek2016, #OpenInAction and #UnlockYourPotential.
  • Use to find out what percentage of your research is open – OAScore – as well as discovering the online impact of your work

Congratulations to all for your publications and other research outputs.

Sincerely on behalf of the “open” team,

Leroy Mwanzia


Contact information

Leroy Mwanzia

Data and Information

[email protected]

Elizabeth Campillo


[email protected]

Carolina Garcia


[email protected]
70.5% of all 2016 peer reviewed journal articles are Open Access, 27 of which are self archived in our institutional repository, these are tracked as “Green” Open Access.

   New publications

 Liebig, Theresa; Jassogne, Laurence; Rahn, Eric; Läderach, Peter; Poehling, Hans-Michael; Kucel, Patrick; Van Asten, Piet; Avelino, Jacques. 2016. Towards a collaborative research: a case study on linking science to farmers’ perceptions and knowledge on arabica coffee pests and diseases and its management. PloS One e0159392.

 Chavarriaga Aguirre, Paul; Brand, Alejandro; Medina, Adriana; Prías, Mónica; Escobar, Roosevelt; Martinez, Juan; Díaz, Paula; López, Camilo; Roca, Willy M.; Tohme, Joseph M. 2016. The potential of using biotechnology to improve cassava: a review. In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology – Plant. 1-18 p.

 De Palma, Adriana; Abrahamczyk, Stefan; Aizen, Marcelo A.; Albrecht, Matthias; Basset, Yves; Bates, Adam; Blake, Robin J.; Boutin, Céline; Bugter, Rob; Connop, Stuart; Cruz-López, Leopoldo; Cunningham, Saul A.; Darvill, Ben; Diekötter, Tim; Dorn, Silvia; Downing, Nicola; Entling, Martin H.; Farwig, Nina; Felicioli, Antonio; Fonte, Steven J.; Fowler, Robert; Franzén, Markus; Goulson, Dave; Grass, Ingo; Hanley, Mick E.; Hendrix, Stephen D.; Herrmann, Farina; Herzog, Felix; Holzschuh, Andrea; Jauker, Birgit; Kessler, Michael; Knight, M. E.; Kruess, Andreas; Lavelle, Patrick; Le Féon, Violette; Lentini, Pia; Malone, Louise A.; Marshall, Jon; Martínez Pachón, Eliana; McFrederick, Quinn S.; Carolina L., Morales,; Mudri-Stojnic, Sonja; Nates-Parra, Guiomar; Nilsson, Sven G.; Öckinger, Erik; Osgathorpe, Lynne; Parra-H, Alejandro; Peres, Carlos A.; Persson, Anna S.; Petanidou, Theodora; Poveda, Katja; Power, Eileen F.; Quaranta, Marino; Quintero, Carolina; Rader, Romina; Richards, Miriam H.; Roulston, T’ai; Rousseau, Laurent; Sadler, Jonathan P.; Samnegård, Ulrika; Schellhorn, Nancy A.; Schüepp, Christof; Schweiger, Oliver; Smith-Pardo, Allan H.; Steffan-Dewenter, Ingolf; Stout, Jane C.; Tonietto, Rebecca K.; Tscharntke, Teja; Tylianakis, Jason M.; Verboven, Hans A. F.; Vergara, Carlos H.; Verhulst, Jort; Westphal, Catrin; Joo Yoon, Hyung; Purvis, Andy. 2016. Predicting bee community responses to land-use changes: Effects of geographic and taxonomic biases. Scientific Reports. Nature Publishing Group, 6:31153.

 Zomer, Robert J.; Neufeldt, Henry; Xu, Jianchu; Ahrends, Antje; Bossio, Deborah; Trabucco, Antonio; Van Noordwijk, Meine; Wang, Mingcheng. 2016. Global tree cover and biomass carbon on agricultural land: the contribution of agroforestry to global and national carbon budgets. Scientific Reports. 6:29987.

Lavelle, Patrick; Dolédec, Sylvain; Arnauld de Sartre, Xavier; Decaëns, Thibaud; Gond, Valery; Grimaldi, Michel; Oszwald, Johan; Hubert, Bernard; Ramirez, Bertha; Veiga, Iran; De Souza, Simão; Santos de Assis, William; Michelotti, Fernando; Martins, Marlucia; Feijoo, Alexander; Bommel, Pierre; Castañeda, Edna; Chacon, Patricia; Desjardins, Thierry; Dubs, Florence; Gordillo, Erika; Guevara, Edward; Fonte, Steven; Hurtado, Maria del Pilar; Lena, Philippe; Lima, Tamara; Marichal, Raphaël; Mitja, Danielle; Miranda, Izildinha; Otero, Tupac; Praxedes, Catarina; Poccard, René; De Robert, Pascale; Rodriguez, Gamaliel; Sanabria, Catalina; Tselouiko, Stéphanie; Velasquez, Alexander; Velasquez, Elena; Velasquez, Jaime. 2016. Unsustainable landscapes of deforested Amazonia: An analysis of the relationships among landscapes and the social, economic and environmental profiles of farms at different ages following deforestation. Global Environmental Change 40: 137-155.

Rhebergena, Tiemen; Fairhurst, Thomas; Zingore, Shamie; Fisher, Myles; Oberthür, Thomas; Whitbread, Anthony. 2016. Climate, soil and land-use based land suitability evaluation for oil palm production in Ghana. European Journal of Agronomy. Elsevier Ltd., 81:1-14.

Wallach, Daniel; Thorburn, Peter; Asseng, Senthold; Challinor, Andrew J.; Ewert, Frank; Jones, James W.; Rotter, Reimund; Ruane, Alex. 2016. Estimating model prediction error: Should you treat predictions as fixed or random?. Environmental Modelling & Software. Elsevier Ltd., 84: 529-539.

 Orbegozo, Jeanette; Solorzano, Dennis; Cuellar, Wilmer J.; Bartolini, Ida; Roman, Maria Lupe; Ghislain, Marc; Kreuze, Jan. 2016. Marker-free PLRV resistant potato mediated by Cre-loxP excision and RNAi. Transgenic Research. 1-16 p.

 Tondoh, Jérôme Ebagnerin; Ouédraogo, Issa; Bayala, Jules; Desta, Lulseged Tamene; Sila, Andrew; Vågen, Tor-Gunnar; Kalinganiré, Antoine. 2016. Soil organic carbon stocks in semi-arid West African drylands: implications for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Soil. Copernicus GmbH, 1-41 p.

 Delerce, Sylvain; Dorado, Hugo; Grillon, Alexandre; Rebolledo, Maria Camila; Prager, Steven D.; Patiño, Victor Hugo; Garcés Varón, Gabriel; Jiménez, Daniel. 2016. Assessing weather-yield relationships in rice at local scale using data mining approaches. PloS One 11(8): e0161620.

 Gurmessa, Biyensa; Demessie, Ambachew; Lemmac, Bekele. 2016. Dynamics of soil carbon stock, total nitrogen, and associated soil properties since the conversion of Acacia woodland to managed pastureland, parkland agroforestry, and treeless cropland in the Jido Komolcha District, southern Ethiopia. Journal of Sustainable Forestry. Taylor & Francis Inc., 35(5): 324-337.

 Adams, Alexis M.; Gillespie, Adam W.; Kar, Gourango; Koala, Saidou; Ouattara, Badiori; Kimaro, Anthony A.; Bationo, Andre; Akponikpe, P. B. Irenikatche; Schoenau, Jeff J.; Peak, Derek. 2016. Long term effects of reduced fertilizer rates on millet yields and soil properties in the West-African Sahel. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems. 106: 17-29.

 Söderström, Mats; Piikki, Kristin; Cordingley, Jeremy. 2016. Improved usefulness of continental soil databases for agricultural management through local adaptation. South African Journal of Plant and Soil 1-11 p.

 Ahmed, M.S.; Bashar, M.K.; Wazuddin, M.; Shamsuddin, A.K.M.. 2016. Morpho-physicochemical study of Jesso-balam Rice (Oryza sativa L.) accessions of Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Crop Science 8(1): 13-23.

Nakedde, Timothy; Ibarra-Perez, Francisco J.; Mukankusi, Clare; Waines, J. Giles; Kelly, James D.. 2016. Mapping of QTL associated with Fusarium root rot resistance and root architecture traits in black beans. Euphytica 1-13 p.

 Islam, M. Z.; Khalequzzaman, M.; Bashar, Khairul; Ivy, N. A.; Haque, M. M.; Mian, M. A. K.. 2016. Variability assessment of aromatic and fine rice germplasm in Bangladesh based on quantitative traits. The Scientific World Journal 1-14 p.

Mponela, Powell; Desta, Lulseged Tamene; Ndengu, Gift; Magreta, Ruth; Kihara, Job; Mango, Nelson. 2016. Determinants of integrated soil fertility management technologies adoption by smallholder farmers in the Chinyanja Triangle of Southern Africa. Land Use Policy 59: 38-48.

 Perea, Claudia; De La Hoz, Juan Fernando; Cruz, Daniel Felipe; Lobaton, Juan David; Izquierdo, Paulo; Quintero, Juan Camilo; Raatz, Bodo; Duitama, Jorge. 2016. Bioinformatic analysis of genotype by sequencing (GBS) data with NGSEP. BMC Genomics. 17(Suppl 5):498.

 Ceballos, Hernán; Pérez, Juan C.; Barandica, Orlando Joaqui; Lenis, Jorge I.; Morante, Nelson; Calle, Fernando; Pino, Lizbeth; Hershey, Clair H.. 2016. Cassava Breeding I: The value of breeding value. Frontiers in Plant Science. Frontiers Research Foundation, 7:1227.

Kawano, Kazuo. 2016. Comparative quantification of intralocational, interlocational, and interspecific variability in stag beetles (Coleoptera: Lucanidae) and the questions of phenotypic plasticity and species selection. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 109(4): 555-566.

 Hardy, P.-Y.; Béné, Christophe; Doyen, L.; Pereau, J.C.; MILLS, D.. 2016. Viability and resilience of small-scale fisheries through cooperative arrangements. Environment and Development Economics. 1-29 p.

Calderón, Silvia; Alvarez, Andrés Camilo; Loboguerrero, Ana María; Arango, Santiago; Calvin, Katherine; Kober, Tom; Daenzer, Kathryn; Fisher-Vandenf, Karen. 2016. Achieving CO2 reductions in Colombia: Effects of carbon taxes and abatement targets. Energy Economics. 56: 575-586.

Clarke, Leon; McFarland, James; Octaviano, Claudia; Van Ruijven, Bas; Beache, Robert; Daenzer, Kathryn; Herreras Martínez, Sara; Lucena, André F.P.; Kitous, Alban; Labriet, Maryse; Loboguerrero, Ana Maria; Mundra, Anupriya; Van der Zwaan, Bob. 2016. Long-term abatement potential and current policy trajectories in Latin American countries. Energy Economics. 56: 513-523.

Calvin, Katherine V.; Beach, Robert; Gurgel, Angelo; Labriet, Maryse; Loboguerrero, Ana Maria. 2016. Agriculture, forestry, and other land-use emissions in Latin America. Energy Economics. 56: 615-624.

 Kober, Tom; Summerton, Philip; Pollitt, Hector; Chewpreecha, Unnada; Ren, Xiaolin; Wills, William; Octaviano, Claudia; McFarland, James; Beach, Robert; Cai, Yongxia; Calderon, Silvia; Fisher-Vanden, Karen; Loboguerrero, Ana Maria. 2016. Macroeconomic impacts of climate change mitigation in Latin America: A cross-model comparison. Energy Economics. 56: 625-636. (Post-review manuscript will be Open Access on Mar-2018)

 Snyder, Katherine; Miththapala, Sriyanie; Sommer, Rolf; Braslow, Juliet. 2016. The yield gap: closing the gap by widening the approach. Experimental Agriculture 15 p. (Post-review manuscript will be Open Access on Jan-2017

Muthoni Andriatsitohaina, Rachel; Miiro, Richard Fred. 2016. What influences transfer of training in an African agricultural research network?. The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension 1-15 p.

 De Pinto, Alessandro; Li, Man; Haruna, Akiko; Hyman, Glenn; Londoño Martinez, Mario Andrés; Creamer, Bernardo; Kwon, Ho-Young; Valencia Garcia, Jhon Brayan; Tapasco, Jeimar; Martinez, Jesus David. 2016. Low emission development strategies in agriculture. An agriculture, forestry, and other land uses (AFOLU) perspective. World Development. 87: 180-203.

 Tofiño-Rivera, Adriana Patricia; Pastrana-Vargas, Iván Javier; Melo-Ríos, Aslenis Emidia; Beebe, Stephen; Tofiño-Rivera, Rodrigo. 2016. Rendimiento, estabilidad fenotípica y contenido de micronutrientes de fríjol biofortificado en el Caribe seco colombiano = Yield, Phenotypical Stability and Micronutrients Contents in the Biofortified Bean in the Colombian Sub-humid Caribbean. Revista Corpoica: Ciencia y Tecnologia Agropecuaria. Corporacion Colombiana de Investigacion Agropecuaria Corpoica, 17(3): 309-329.

 Parsa, Soroush; Ortiz, Viviana; Gómez-Jiménez, María I.; Kramer, Matthew; Vega, Fernando E.. 2016. Root environment is a key determinant of fungal entomopathogen endophytism following seed treatment in the common bean, Phaseolus vulgaris. Biological Control. 37 p.

 Bouroncle, Claudia; Imbach, Pablo; Rodríguez-Sánchez, Beatriz; Medellín, Claudia; Martinez-Valle, Armando; Läderach, Peter. 2016. Mapping climate change adaptive capacity and vulnerability of smallholder agricultural livelihoods in Central America: ranking and descriptive approaches to support adaptation strategies. Climatic Change. 1-15 p.

Cammarano, Davide; Rötter, Reimund P.; Asseng, Senthold; Ewert, Frank; Wallach, Daniel; Martre, Pierre; Hatfield, Jerry L.; Jones, James W.; Rosenzweig, Cynthia; Ruane, Alex C.; Boote, Kenneth J.; Thorburn, Peter J.; Kersebaum, Kurt Christian; Aggarwal, Pramod K.; Angulo, Carlos; Basso, Bruno; Bertuzzi, Patrick; Biernath, Christian; Brisson, Nadine; Challinor, Andrew J.; Doltra, Jordi; Gayler, Sebastian; Goldberg, Richie; Heng, Lee; Hooker, Josh; Hunt, Leslie A.; Ingwersen, Joachim; Izaurraldez, Roberto C.; Müller, Christoph; Kumar, Soora Naresh; Nendel, Claas; O’Leary, Garry J.; Olesen, Jørgen E.; Osborne, Tom M.; Palosuo, Taru; Priesack, Eckart; Ripoche, Dominique; Semenov, Mikhail A.; Shcherbak, Iurii; Steduto, Pasquale; Stöckle, Claudio O.; Stratonovitch, Pierre; Streck, Thilo; Supit, Iwan; Tao, Fulu; Travasso, Maria; Waha, Katharina; White, Jeffrey W.; Wolf, Joost. 2016. Uncertainty of wheat water use: Simulated patterns and sensitivity totemperature and CO2. Field Crops Research. 198: 80-92.

 Kawarazuka, Nozomi; Locke, Catherine; McDougall, Cynthia; Kantor, Paula; Morgan, Miranda. 2016. Bringing analysis of gender and social–ecological resilience together in small-scale fisheries research: Challenges and opportunities. Ambio. 1-13 p.

 Rebolledo, Maria Camila; Peña, Alexandra L.; Duitama, Jorge; Cruz, Daniel F.; Dingkuhn, Michael; Grenier, Cecile; Tohme, Joseph M.. 2016. Combining image analysis,genome wide association studies and different field trials to reveal stable genetic regions related to panicle architecture and the number of spikelets per panicle in rice. Frontier in Plant Science 7: 1384.

Margenot, Andrew J.; Paul, Birthe K.; Sommer, Rolf; Pulleman, Mirjam M.; Parikh, Sanjai J.; Jackson, Louise E.; Fonte, Steven J.. 2016. Can conservation agriculture improve phosphorus (P) availability in weathered soils? Effects of tillage and residue management on soil P status after 9 years in a Kenyan Oxisol. Soil & Tillage Research 1-10 p.

 Bousquet, Francois; Botta, Aurélie; Alinovi, Luca; Barreteau, Olivier; Bossio, Deborah; Brown, Katrina; Caron, Patrick; d’Errico, Marco; DeClerck, Fabrice; Dessard, Hélène; Kautsky, Elin Enfors; Fabricius, Christo; Folke, Carl; Fortmann, Louise; Hubert, Bernard; Magda, Danièle; Mathevet, Raphael; Norgaard, Richard B.; Quinlan, Allyson; Staver, Charles. 2016. Resilience and development: mobilizing for transformation. Ecology and Society 21(3): 40.

 Belalcazar, John; Dufour, Dominique; Andersson, Meike S.; Pizarro, Mónica; Luna, Jorge; Londoño, Luis; Morante, Nelson; Jaramillo, Angélica M.; Pino, Lizbeth; Becerra López-Lavalle, Luis Augusto; Davrieux, Fabrice; Talsma, Elise F.; Ceballos, Hernán. 2016. High-throughput phenotyping and improvements in breeding cassava for increased carotenoids in the roots. Crop Science 56 (6): 2916-2928.

 Arce, Alejandra; Creed-Kanashiro, Hilary; Scurrah, Maria; Ccanto, Raul; Olivera, Edgar; Burra, Dharani; De Haan, Stef. 2016. The challenge of achieving basal energy, iron and zinc provision for home consumption through family farming in the Andes: a comparison of coverage through contemporary production systems and selected agricultural interventions. Agriculture & Food Security. 5:23.

Mina-Vargas, Angela M.; McKeown, Peter C.; Flanagan, Nicola S.; Debouck, Daniel G.; Kilian, Andrzej; Hodkinson, Trevor R.; Spillane, Charles. 2016. Origin of year-long bean (Phaseolus dumosus Macfady, Fabaceae) from reticulated hybridization events between multiple Phaseolus species. Annals of Botany 118(5):957-969.

 Poveda-Martínez, Daniel; Sosa, Chrystian C.; Chacón-Vargas, Katherine; García-Merchán, Víctor Hugo. 2016. Historical biogeography of five characidium fish species: dispersal from the amazon paleobasin to Southeastern South America. PloS One. Public Library of Science, 11(10): e0164902.

Please note: This is not our complete list for 2016. These publications were submitted after our August newsletter. If you are worried that your publication is missing, please check CIAT Research Online or write [email protected].

 New published data sets

Ceballos, Hernán; Pérez, Juan C.; Joaqui B., Orlando; Lenis, Jorge I.; Morante, Nelson; Calle, Fernando; Hershey, Clair, 2016, “Replication Data for: Cassava Breeding I: The value of breeding value“, Harvard Dataverse, V1

International Center for Tropical Agriculture, 2016, “Bean Program: The VEF(IBN)-EP-IBYAN scheme“, Harvard Dataverse, V1 [UNF:6:vQGQz/pLbOwN9cl/Qlgh8w==]Da Silva, Mayesse; Monserrate, Fredy; Valencia, Jefferson; Quintero, Marcela; Jarvis, Andy, 2016, “Digital mapping of soil properties in the West of Honduras, Central America.“, Harvard Dataverse, V2

Sain, Gustavo; Loboguerrero, Ana María; Corner-Dolloff, Caitlin; Lizarazo, Miguel; Nowak, Andreea; Martínez-Barón, Deissy; Andrieu, Nadine, 2016, “Replication Data for: Costs and benefits of climate-smart agriculture: The case of the Dry Corridor in Guatemala“, Harvard Dataverse, V1 [UNF:6:Aj2/h/sKTC69vjHemqPRBg==]International Center for Tropical Agriculture, 2016, “Catalogue of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza strains“, Harvard Dataverse, V1 [UNF:6:okg83TYz5E5nUEKb1voLkA==]International Center for Tropical Agriculture, 2016, “Relative effectiveness of tropical forage legume-rhizobium combinations: Catalogue of results of greenhouse and field trials“, Harvard Dataverse, V1 [UNF:6:XaAWYr2/ioejCQFknY7N8g==]Wyckhuys, Kris, 2016, “Cassava pest and disease surveillance data for mainland SE Asia – 2014“, Harvard Dataverse, V1

  New books and book chapters

 Castellamos, Guillermo; Jara, Carlos; Mosquera, Gloria (Eds.). 2016. Bean pathogens: practical guide for Lab and greenhouse work. 2nd ed. Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT), Cali, CO. 257 p. (Publicación CIAT No. 420).

 Guzmán Prada, Diego Alexander; Rodríguez Chalarca, Jairo; Valencia Cataño, Sandra Jimena. 2016. Identificación de estadios larvales de lepidópteros: Plaga de Maíz. Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT), Cali, CO. 56 p. (Publicación CIAT No. 418).

 Rosenstock, Todd S.; Rufino, Mariana C.; Chirinda, Ngonidzashe; Van Bussel, Lenny; Reidsma, Pytrik; Butterbach-Bahl, Klaus. 2016. Scaling point and plot measurements of greenhouse gas fluxes, balances, and intensities to whole farms and landscapes. In: Rosenstock, Todd S.; Rufino, Mariana C.; Butterbach-Bahl, Klaus; Wollenberg, Lini; Richards, Meryl (Eds).2016. Methods for Measuring Greenhouse Gas Balances and Evaluating Mitigation Options in Smallholder Agriculture. . Springer, Switzerland. pp.175-188.

Duitama, Jorge. 2016. Genomic variants detection and genotyping. In: Computational Methods for Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis (eds I. Mandoiu and A. Zelikovsky), John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, USA. 133-147 p.

CIAT’s most popular book: Over the past 6 months, Jose M. Restrepo, Jairo Gomez, and Roosevelt Escobar’s manual Utilización de los residuos orgánicos en la agricultura has been downloaded 1,561 times, by users in Colombia (441), Peru (431) and Mexico (192).

 New posters, presentations, videos and reports

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Check out the top downloaded item in CIAT’s CGSpace collection! Colin, Carlos, Julian, Nora and Andy’s Origins and Primary Regions of Diversity of Agricultural Crops infographic has been downloaded 14,471 times! Over the past 6 months, these downloaders have come from the USA (5,571), Spain(1,262) and Canada (541). Nice work!

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 Top Google Scholar Citations, with Impact Factors – 2016

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Google Scholar citations: 11
Impact factor: 9.674
Altmetric score: 54

Frelata, Romain; Lopez-Ridaura, Santiago; Giller, Ken E.; Herrero, Mario; Douxchamps, Sabine; Djurfeldt, Agnes Andersson; Erenstein, Olaf; Henderson, Ben; Kassie, Menale; Paul, Birthe; Rigolot, Cyrille; Ritzema, Randall S.; Rodriguez, Daniel; Van Asten, Piet J. A.; Van Wijk, Mark T.. 2016. Drivers of household food availability in sub-Saharan Africa based on big data from small farms . Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) 113(2): 458-463.


Google Scholar citations: 11
Impact factor: 1.965
Altmetrics score: 31

Béné, Christophe; Arthur, Robert; Norbury, Hannah; Allison, Edward H.; Beveridge, Malcolm; Bush, Simon; Campling, Liam; Leschen, Will; Little, David; Squires, Dale; Thilsted, Shakuntala H.; Troell, Max; Williams, Meryl. 2016. Contribution of fisheries and aquaculture to food security and poverty reduction: assessing the current evidence. World Development 79: 177-196.

CGIAR Program

Google Scholar citations: 10
Impact factor: 2.862
Altmetrics score: 1

Calvin, Katherine V.; Beach, Robert; Gurgel, Angelo; Labriet, Maryse; Loboguerrero, Ana Maria. 2016. Agriculture, forestry, and other land-use emissions in Latin America . Energy Economics . 56: 615-624.


Google Scholar citations: 2
Impact factor: 5.228
Altmetrics score: 158

Zomer, Robert J.; Neufeldt, Henry; Xu, Jianchu; Ahrends, Antje; Bossio, Deborah; Trabucco, Antonio; Van Noordwijk, Meine; Wang, Mingcheng. 2016. Global tree cover and biomass carbon on agricultural land: the contribution of agroforestry to global and national carbon budgets. Scientific Reports . Nature Publishing Group, 6:29987.

 Top 6 Altmetric scores – 2016

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Khoury, Colin K.; Achicanoy, Harold A.; Bjorkman, Anne D.; Navarro-Racines, Carlos; Guarino, Luigi; Flores-Palacios, Ximena; Engels, Johannes M. M.; Wiersema, John H.; Dempewolf, Hannes; Sotelo, Steven;Ramirez-Villegas, Julian; Castañeda-ÁLvarez, Nora P.; Fowler, Cary; Jarvis, Andy; Rieseberg, Loren H.; Struik, Paul C.. 2016. Origins of food crops connect countries worldwide. Proceedings of the Royal Society B – Biological Sciences 283: 2060792.

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Challinor, Andrew; Koehler, A.-K.; Ramirez-Villegas, Julian; Whitfield, S.; DAS, B.. 2016. Current warming will reduce yields unless maize breeding and seed systems adapt immediately . Nature Climate Change 1-7 p.

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Rippke, Ulrike; Ramirez-Villegas, Julian; Jarvis, Andy; Vermeulen, Sonja J.; Parker, Louis; Mer, Flora; Diekkrüger, Bernd; Challinor, Andrew J.; Howden, Mark. 2016. Timescales of transformational climate change adaptation in sub-Saharan African agriculture. Nature Climate Change 6 p.

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Castañeda Álvarez, Nora Patricia; Khoury, Colin K.;Achicanoy, Harold A.; Bernau, Vivian; Dempewolf, Hannes; Eastwood, Ruth J.; Guarino, Luigi; Harker, Ruth H.; Jarvis, Andy; Maxted, Nigel; Müller, Jonas V.;Ramirez-Villegas, Julian; Sosa, Chrystian C.; Struik, Paul C.; Vincent, Holly; Toll, Jane. 2016. Global conservation priorities for crop wild relatives. Nature Plants 17 p.

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Wollenberg, Eva; Richards, Meryl; Smith, Pete; Havlík, Petr; Obersteiner, Michael; Tubiello, Francesco N.; Herold, Martin; Gerber, Pierre; Carter, Sarah; Reisinger, Andrew; Van Vuuren, Detlef P.; Dickie, Amy; Neufeldt, Henry; Sander, Björn O.; Wassmann, Reiner; Sommer, Rolf; Amonette, James E.; Falcucci, Alessandea; Herrero, Mario; Opio, Carolyn; Roman-Cuesta, Rosa Maria; Stehfest, Elke; Westhoek, Henk; Ortiz-Monasterio, Ivan; Sapkota, Tek; Rufino, Mariana C.; Thornton, Philip K.; Verchot, Louis; West, Paul C.; Soussana, Jean-François; Baedeker, Tobias; Sadler, Marc; Vermeulen, Sonja; Campbell, Bruce M.. 2016. Reducing emissions from agriculture to meet the 2 °C target . Global Change Biology . Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 1-19 p.

→ More information

Zomer, Robert J.; Neufeldt, Henry; Xu, Jianchu; Ahrends, Antje; Bossio, Deborah; Trabucco, Antonio; Van Noordwijk, Meine; Wang, Mingcheng. 2016. Global tree cover and biomass carbon on agricultural land: the contribution of agroforestry to global and national carbon budgets. Scientific Reports . Nature Publishing Group, 6:29987.

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Béné, Christophe; Barange, Manuel; Subasinghe, Rohana; Pinstrup-Andersen, Per; Merino, Gorka; Hemre, Gro-Ingunn; Williams, Meryl. 2015. Feeding 9 billion by 2050 – Putting fish back on the menu. Food Security 7(2): 261-274.

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Khoury CK, Bjorkman AD, Dempewolf H, Ramírez Villegas J, Guarino L, Jarvis A, Rieseberg LH, Struik PC. 2014. Increasing homogeneity in global food supplies and the implications for food security. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 6 p.

According to Altmetric, the following countries are CIAT’s top Tweeters (stats are from October 2014 to October 2016):

USA – 764 Tweets
United Kingdom – 631 Tweets
Australia – 185 Tweets

Canada – 139 Tweets
Sweden – 120 Tweets
Denmark – 103 Tweets


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CIAT is pleased to offer Web of Science training sessions in both Spanish and English. Web of Science provides citation indexing and analysis of thousands of the most prominent academic journals. Journals indexed in Web of Science make up the ISI Thompson Reuters Master Journal List. Web of Science is available to CIAT staff from CIAT Headquarters and via EZProxy from home.

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