BiblioCIAT, an alternative to foster reading and dialogue

BiblioCIAT, una alternativa para fomentar la lectura y el diálogo en la sede del CIAT

Recently we launched at CIAT HQ a Free Little Library which we called “Biblio-CIAT”. We hope to stimulate conversation and engage readers of all nationalities. You can find Biblio-CIAT at the coffee shop.

_dsc9983How it works:

  1. We asked CIAT HQ staff to donate favorite books, fiction or non-fiction, in any language: “Just go ahead and place them on the shelves. No need to inform anybody.”
  2. People are invited to take a book (or two) from Biblio-CIAT, with no need to return that exact book:  “However, in order to keep the Little Library full of good choices for the whole CIAT community, the next time you swing by the Library bring a few books to share.”
  3. We invited users of teh library to include little messages in the books they leave. For example, writing their name and the date on the inside cover, and write a note about what they liked – or didn’t about the book.

Take a book. Leave a book.

First reactions have been relly positive and we have already seen quite some movement with new books coming in and other books having been taken.