Traditional fruit, vegetable and pulse species in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Benin, Ethiopia and Kenya

The dataset lists traditional species of fruit (256), vegetable (323) and pulse (50). The goal is gathering knowledge that could impulse projects that will contribute towards mainstreaming species with under-exploited potential in filling existing nutritional, income, and ecosystem gaps, and transforming African food systems. Existing knowledge on traditional foods is highly fragmented, scattered in various publications and reports, or in inaccessible databases to policy makers and practitioners. Based on accepted names published by the World Flora Online (WFO), the dataset lists traditional fruits, vegetables, and pulses species in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Benin, Ethiopia, and Kenya.
For all species, data is indicated for plant type, production type, food group, edible parts, and how consumed. Extra information including other uses, key nutrients, and toxicity is also indicated for some species. (2021-12-18)