Study of early adoption-acceptability by farmers of Arachis pintoi in Colombia

Acceptability to farmers of Arachis pintoi (CIAT 1743) was studied in Colombia in order to make an assessment of factors contributing to adoption of this legume. The legume has been promoted mainly in the country's coffee growing regions by CENICAFE, (National Coffee Research Center), CODEGAR (Cooperative of Farmers and Cattle Raisers of Risaralda), and the Coffee Growers Committee of Antioquia. Commercial seed of A. pintoi is produced in Colombia mainly by SERVISEMILLAS, which controls nearly 90% of the domestic market. A sample of producers from different regions of the country were selected from the SERVISEMILLAS sales list to conduct a telephone survey. The sample included 50 producers throughout Colombia, which provided information on the following aspects: (1) source of information on the legume; (2) number of plot and area planted; (3) problems encountered during establishment; (4) alternative uses; (5) advantages and disadvantages of the legume; and (6) expectations with the legume.