Puntos en común sobre una infraestructura digital de interés pública para el cumplimiento del EUDR en la cadena de valor del café

This document outlines the strategic agreements achieved through a consultation and discussion process aimed at building a Public Interest Digital Infrastructure (IDIP) within the Honduran coffee sector. Key stakeholders, including coffee producers, exporters, and representatives from governmental and non-governmental organizations, engaged in consultations prior to a workshop to identify and understand their perspectives and expectations. These preparatory consultations were vital to ensure that the workshop addressed pertinent concerns and facilitated outcome-oriented discussions. The principles established herein emphasize the need for transparent, accessible, and understandable regulations from the European Union to ensure the effectiveness, safety, and fairness of the IDIP. The document also highlights the importance of multi-stakeholder governance and an integrated platform for effective data management and resource optimization. Ultimately, this document serves as a testament to the commitment and collaboration among all participants, reflecting a significant step towards strengthening the Honduran coffee sector through the deployment of public interest digital infrastructures. This consensus aims to lay the groundwork for future actions, improve coordination, and enhance the efficiency in developing solutions that encompass all facets of the industry, thereby ensuring a lasting positive impact.