Measuring ploidy in interspecific Urochloa (syn. Brachiaria) using Sysmex cyflow cytometer with DAPI Cystain UV stain: Protocol for measuring ploidy in Interspecific Brachiaria fresh leaf tissue

This report presents the detailed protocol that we used for our first attempt in measuring ploidy using fresh leaf tissue in Interspecific Brachiaria using the sysmex flow cytometer with DAPI cystain UV stain. Accurate determination of ploidy is crucial for understanding the genetic characteristics of plant populations, aiding in plant breeding programs, and contributing to advancements in molecular biology. The following methodology outlines the steps for sample collection, preparation, staining, and analysis.

This protocol comes from the training in the sysmex flow cytometer on 5/11/202 in CIAT- headquarters by the company representatives. Although preliminary results from the technique are inconclusive, mostly because of technical difficulties with the flow cytometer, this is a first approach to standardize the protocol and it will give us insights in how to proceed next year.