Case Study

How do farmers and seed producers get information and provide feedback on varieties in the public domain: the case of common bean in eastern Zambia?

A study was conducted in 2015 to investigate the channels used by farmers and seed producers to access information on bean varieties in the Eastern Province of Zambia, particularly in Chadiza, Chipata, Lundazi and Vubwi districts. Stakeholders, key informants and a sample of 300 bean-producing households were interviewed. Two focus group discussions (FGDs) were also conducted in Chadzombe and Chiwoko Agricultural Camps to contextualize the survey responses. The 300 households produced beans under rain-fed and irrigated wetland conditions, and also grew maize (87 %) and other legumes such as groundnut (66 %) and soybean (61%). Concerning bean production, the majority of respondents (88%) grew only local varieties while 6 % grew only improved varieties, 6% grew both varieties and the remainder (less than 1 %) were unware whether their varieties of choice were local or improved.