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How to develop and manage your own community seed bank. Farmers’ handbook (Booklet 1 of 3). [Dinka version]

Dinka edition of: Vernooy, R.; Bessette, G.; Sthapit, S.; Dibiloane, A.; Lettie Maluleke, N.; Abner Matelele, L.; Mokoena, M.; Phora, G.; Sema, P.; Thabo, T. (2018) How to develop and manage your own community seed bank: Farmers’ handbook. Establishing a community seed bank: Booklet 1 of 3. This handbook is a companion to Vernooy, R., Sthapit, B. and Bessette, G. (2020). Community seed banks: concept and practice. Facilitator handbook (updated version). Bioversity International, Rome, Italy ( Booklet 2 of 3 can be found here Booklet 3 of 3 can be found here The three booklets making up this handbook were written and designed for rural producers who are interested in establishing, supporting, and managing a community seed bank. Each booklet focuses on a theme presented by the members of a community seed bank in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Translation and adaptation to the local language is encouraged. If you would like to receive a hard copy of the booklets or give feedback or suggestions for improvement, please contact [email protected].