FAO/Bioversity Multi-Crop Passport Descriptors V.2.1 [MCPD V.2.1] - December 2015

This list of Multi-crop Passport Descriptors (MCPD V.2.1) is an update to MCPD V.2 which was released in 2012. The MCPD V.2 was a revision of the first FAO/IPGRI publication released in 2001, expanded to accommodate emerging needs, such as the broader use of GPS tools, or the implementation of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture’s Multilateral System for access and benefit-sharing.
The MCPD, developed jointly by Bioversity International (formerly IPGRI) and FAO, is a widely used international standard to facilitate germplasm passport information exchange. These descriptors are compatible with Bioversity’s crop descriptor lists, with the descriptors used by the FAO World Information and Early Warning System (WIEWS) on plant genetic resources (PGR), and with the GENESYS global portal.