Digital tools for supporting climate-informed agroecological transition in beef production in Brazil

◼ Despite many available digital tools in the digital ecosystem, many neglect smallholders’ ranching. Also, they focus solely on performance indicators, lacking climate-informed agroecological features.
◼ Mitigation features are included only by performance assessment tools, although only by half of them.
◼ Adaptation features in digital tools include mitigation recommendations, access to pest and disease information or early warning, and product diversification.
◼ Of the digital tools providing performance assessment (6 total), all include agroecological principles, three included adaptation, and all mitigation indicators on average per tool.
◼ Social inclusion and co-design features are related to data protection for farmers, direct farmer contributions (on the improvement of the digital tools), and safety measures, especially amongst women.
◼ Tools with socially inclusive communication features are limited. Most of the tools reviewed here have more than one way of engaging farm users (IVR, SMS, etc.), and allow the integration of other tools.