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Bundling social technical innovations for a diversification, inclusive and resilient agri-food system in Kenya

Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) and the Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (the Alliance) participated and showcased their activities at the Nakuru show as part of the OneCGIAR Initiatives, Ukama Ustawi and HER+. The initiative supported eighteen lead farmers, 5 males and 13 women from Ukama Ustawi learning sites in Nakuru to attend the agricultural show. The farmers visited the KALRO Climate-Smart Village stands, and other stands where they learnt about various climate-smart options ranging from crop varieties, innovative cropping systems, climate information services and mechanization.

Nakuru County is among the five learning sites in Kenya for the two oneCGIAR initiatives in Kenya. Ukama Ustawi (UU): Diversification for Resilient Agri-food in East and Southern Africa aims to help millions of smallholders intensify, diversify and de-risk maize-mixed farming through improved extension services, institutional capacity strengthening, targeted farm management bundles, policy support, enterprise development and private investment. On the other hand, The Gender Equality Initiative (HER+) initiative tackles gender inequality in agri-food systems to build climate change resilience in the Global South.