Venture-Out Events: Building Bridges between Science and Entrepreneurship in Cell Engineering and Biosecurity with Ginkgo Bioworks

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Venture-Out Events are interactive webinars that aim to connect scientists and the innovation ecosystem to learn from the latest cutting-edge technologies by inviting key players from successful companies in the Agri-Tech space to share how they successfully scaled from being a research idea in the lab to becoming a multimillion-dollar venture – and in the case of Ginkgo Bioworks, a multibillion-dollar valued powerhouse.

Join the Venture-Out Event on Friday 9 September at 15:00 CEST to hear Ginkgo’s journey to scale and to explore potential synergies in a discussion with ILRI/CGIAR’s Dr. Arshnee Moodley.

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Founded by MIT scientists, Ginkgo Bioworks is ‘the organism company’ whose platform of foundries and codebase enables customers to program cells as one programs computers: the platform yields biotechnology application across diverse markets, from food and agriculture to industrial chemicals to pharmaceuticals. Ginkgo Bioworks went public in 2021 with a $15 billion valuation and one of the largest SPAC mergers yet. So far this year, Ginkgo’s public health initiative Concentric surpassed 10 million samples tested; Ginkgo closed acquisition of FGen Ag technologies optimizing uHT screening; Ginkgo agreed on a 300m acquisition of cell-engineering company Zymergen, and Ginkgo has signed with Bayer to acquire its 175,000-square-foot Biologics R&D center, including team, internal discovery and lead optimization platform, and enter into a new three-year strategic partnership with Bayer to advance several agricultural biological programs.

Join CGIAR’s Accelerate for Impact Platform, expert moderator Dr. Arshnee Moodley (team leader of CGIAR’s Antimicrobial Resistance Hub), and a lineup of speakers from Ginkgo, including: Renee Wegrzyn (VP Business Development), Josh Aliber (Growth Strategy and Operations Manager), Jamin Dreyer (Associate Director Business Development), Brennan Duty (Director of Business Development), Matt Moniz (Associate Business Development), Robert Morfino (Director of Business Development), and Jesse Dill (Director of Growth).