Getachew Tegegne

Dr. Getachew Tegegne is currently working as a research project coordinator in climate change and water resources management at Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT in the Climate Action Lever based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Dr. Getachew Tegegne received his Ph.D. in climate change adaptation in water resources from Seoul National University in February 2017. He worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Seoul National University for three and a half years and completed numerous highly sponsored projects in the fields of hydrology and climate change adaptation in water resources. He also spent a year as a postdoctoral associate at Florida International University, where he contributed to the areas of climate and water resource management approaches. Dr. Getachew has also worked at the Africa Centre of Excellence for Water Management for six months in the hydrology and water resources research group.
Dr. Getachew is recognized internationally for his high-impact research with great contributions to climate modelling and projection, drought and flood prediction, hydrology, climate change adaptation in water resources, hydraulics, reservoir operation, sediment mechanics, watershed management, remote sensing application in hydrology, water resources system planning and management, agricultural water management, river and reservoir management. He has investigated and co-investigated water resources availability estimation in the data-scarce region, sediment prediction and management in the river-reservoir system in the Nile river basin, hydro-ecosystem service modelling and projection, climate change adaptation in hydrology, climate change impact on drought and floods, sediment management, and ungauged basin hydrology modelling projects around the world, including Ethiopia, South Korea, Nile river riparian countries (Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, etc..), and Genale Dawa and Wabi-Shebelle river riparian countries (Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia).
Dr. Getachew has taught several postgraduate courses, including hydrology, water resources management approaches, hydrologic hazards and river basin processes, and water resources assessment evaluation and allocation at Africa Center of Excellence for Water Management –Addis Ababa University; design of concrete dam, dam appurtenant structures; hydropower engineering; river engineering; and sediment transport mechanics at University of Gondar; applied hydrology and programming and numerical methods for applications in hydraulic engineering at Wollo University; and advanced hydropower engineering and system analysis and management techniques at Adama Science and Technology University.

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