Alejandra Suárez

Alejandra is an International business professional with a proven track record of 6 years. She has extensive experience in both national and international services contracting, with a focus on grant management involving institutions such as USAID, FAO, and GIZ, among others.

Currently, Alejandra serves as the project manager for a significant initiative in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and Bezos Earth Fund (BEF). In this role, she meticulously oversees all aspects of project lifecycles, from initial planning and execution to final delivery, ensuring strict adherence to timelines and budgetary considerations.

Alejandra excels in contract management, leveraging her expertise to navigate complex agreements and facilitate seamless project execution. She provides invaluable administrative support, orchestrating research project follow-ups with precision to guarantee the achievement of objectives and goals.

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