Emerging pathways for scaling: Insights from AICCRA country clusters

AICCRA is being implemented in six countries, as well as at the regional level, to help deliver a climate-smart African future driven by science and innovation in agriculture. Ambitions of scaling are built into the project design, with high-level objectives around reaching people, institutions, and countries to impact Africa’s future in a systemic way. Deep, equitable, long-term partnerships are often the key that opens the door to climate-smart agriculture implementation at large scale. AICCRA pursues co-innovation within adaptive, trust-based partnership networks that include local, national, regional, and continental institutions. This is
consistent with what is known as adaptive scaling, which is a systemic approach that places multiactor engagement and partnership at the center of its drive to achieve transformative impact. Notably, according to this concept, scaling is driven by
actors in their own institutions (International Water Management Institute).