Our research was covered across the globe, with news stories, op-eds, and thought pieces published in top-tier channels. See selected examples below or learn more on our dedicated media & press page.

Researchers have gone bananas over this fruit’s complex ancestry (Science

Shaping A Sustainable Future For People And Planet (Asian Scientist)  

Seed ‘genebanks’ are a fast track to food security — not just a last resort (The Hill)  

Un estudio destapa los efectos invisibles de la deforestación: alteración del viento, ciclos de agua cambiantes y nubes que enfrían menos (Business Insider)  

More English language coverage 

  • The map of food: why we need a world atlas of what we eat (World Economic Forum)  

  • Programme to promote nature-friendly food agriculture launched (The Nation)  

  • The world’s forests do more than just store carbon, new research finds (The Guardian)  

  • How beans became an important part of Rwandan cuisine (The New Times)  

  • Colombian gene bank provides hedge against climate change (Financial Times)    

  • Meghalaya: The Khasi community offers lessons in climate resilience (EastMojo)  

  • Chinese embassy in Italy presents int'l science cooperation award (Xinhua)  

More Spanish language coverage 

  • Las semillas del futuro están aquí, hoy (El Tiempo)  

  • Un proyecto quiere producir en Colombia la carne de res más sostenible del mundo (El Tiempo)  

  • Los bosques más allá de capturar carbono: enfrían el planeta hasta más de 1 °C (El Espectador)  

  • Colombia busca proteger Amazonia con Alianza Bioversity International and CIAT (ABC

  • Científicos y chefs se unirán para presentar el nuevo 'banco' de semillas del Ciat (El País)  

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