William Igeler

As an Agronomist Engineer focused on Agribusiness Administration with a solid background in livestock production, agro-industrial business management, and experience in international trade, my career has been characterized by a multidimensional approach to agribusiness. I specialize in quality control, packaging processes, marketing of agro-industrial products, administrative management, statistical analysis, with demonstrated leadership and advanced skills in supply chain management, inventory control, and human resource management.

In my current position at the Alliance of Bioversity International & CIAT, I am part of an innovative team working on a pilot study on fragmented coffee export chains in Honduras, which has allowed me to apply and expand my knowledge and skills in an international context. Prior to this, at Grupo Agrolibano and CorporaciĆ³n Multi Inversiones, I played key roles in the management of agro-industrial administration and production processes, in addition to representing these firms in various international markets. My career has focused on adding value to agribusiness, promoting sustainable practices and continuous improvements both locally and internationally.

Academically, I am a Law student at the Technological University of Honduras and hold a master's degree in science in Sustainable Tropical Agriculture from the prestigious Pan-American Agricultural School Zamorano, where I also obtained my degree in Agribusiness Administration Engineering. During my postgraduate studies, I had the valuable opportunity to immerse myself in the world of research. My thesis focused on the development of resilient sorghum varieties adapted to the conditions of the Central American Dry Corridor.

My focus on continuous learning is reflected in my participation in various specialized workshops and seminars, expanding my competencies in areas such as food safety and quality, professional and organizational development, ISO regulations, certifications, and negotiation skills, among others. In addition, I have contributed to academic knowledge through publications on food security and nutrition.

In terms of leadership and community service, I have been active in various organizations, including the International Church of Christ and the Hope Foundation in Honduras. I am passionate about the arts, I enjoy reading classic literary works, electronic music, and I am a fan of science fiction. I have a genuine and deep interest in scientific dissemination, and I feel a special attraction to the fascinating field of cosmology.