Livingstone Byandaga

An economist, a climate Information Services Expert, bundling of CIS and CSA with other Services and a PMP Certified Project Manager.

Currently a Senior Research Associate under Climate Action. Under the Accelerating Impacts of CGIAR Climate Research in Africa, AICCRA project, I have been:
• Coordinating activities to increase expertise and knowledge exchange among African institutions in the portfolio of tools and approaches that are required for successful implementation of integrated Climate Information Services (CIS) and Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA).
• Identifying and leveraging continental and regional CIS and CSA scaling opportunities through organizing regional cross learning events.
• Investigating business models for bundling Climate information services and climate smart agriculture with other services.
• Developing the capacities of national research systems and extension staff on access, understanding and use of gendered Climate Information services especially in Ghana and Zambia.

I have also been providing support to the CLIM - ARM project facilitating meetings and building capacities for national institutions in Agricultural risk management and engaging high level personalities to support the CLIM-ARM project.

I have more than 12 years of project/program management in both government and international organizations. I hold 2 master degrees (one in Economic policy and Planning and another one in Public Economic Management). I will be graduating with DBA in project management and hold 2 international project management certifications (CompTIA Project plus and PMP).