Jesús David Martínez Salgado

Jesús David Martínez is an agronomist with a Master's degree in Agricultural Sciences. With over a decade of experience in the agri-food sector, his expertise lies in proposing and coordinating research projects, analyzing data, conducting assessments of rural socioeconomic vulnerability and risk, addressing climate change issues, greenhouse gas inventories, and modelling crop and livestock systems.

Jesús David has primarily worked in Latin America, researching to provide policymakers at the national, regional, and local levels with valuable insights.

His significant contributions include developing climate change adaptation and mitigation plans, generating information to support investment in the livestock and agricultural sectors, assessing climate change risks in agriculture, livestock, and energy, as well as collaborating on comprehensive research-based approaches to inclusive development.

In recent years, he has focused his efforts on coordinating research projects in Central America, specifically in climate change, digital agriculture, and nutrition.

Jesús David is the Climate Action focal point for the Alliance Bioversity & CIAT in Central America and also is a Guatemala focal point for CGIAR's AgriLAC Resilient, Digital Inclusion, and Climate Resilience research initiatives.

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