Emma Stewart-Smith

Emma is the inaugural Executive Director of the combined charities of Bioversity International UK and Bioversity International USA. Resident in the UK, Emma is a creative and collaborative team player who thrives on setting up projects, and helping to turn the ideas of experienced, creative, and talented individuals into something tangible and deliverable. She bring her strong organizational skills to Bioversity International USA/UK, as well as her ability to meet deadlines and set high standards.

She has a wide range of experience, having worked in the private sector for various blue chip companies in marketing, branding and advertising, as a charity fundraiser, an event organizer, and as Head of VIP liaison. She has worked in music education using all the latest digital comms. channels and technologies. She has also written articles and digital content for an environmental lobbying group.

Emma has a degree in Ancient and Modern History from Oxford University and was a choral scholar.

She also has a First Class degree in Music and Performance, and sings with a gypsy jazz band.

Contact: [email protected]