Eliud Abucheli Birachi

Project Leader and Market Economist/Market Value Chains specialist with a passion for driving growth and development in the agriculture industry in Africa. With a strong background in Agribusiness Management and a dedication to connecting farmers to markets to make a meaningful impact in this industry. With extensive experience in agroenterprise development and a focus on agricultural commercialization, gender empowerment, and rural employment, with a proven track record of success in enhancing value chains and facilitating value chain upgrading involving informal sector initiatives on seeds and grain across sub-Saharan Africa. Also at the forefront of digital agriculture interventions, leveraging digital marketplaces to support smallholder producers and SMEs. With a deep understanding of the complexities of the African market, He effectively designs and deploys multistakeholder processes and platforms to implement agricultural commodity corridors, collaborating with various stakeholders to achieve sustainable and impactful results. Also committed to promoting economic growth, gender equality, and rural development in the agriculture sector. With a passion for driving positive change and a wealth of experience in market economics and value chain development, always ready to take on new challenges and innovations for meaningful impact in the agricultural sector.

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