Top Visionaries to receive $200,000 USD for the compelling and inspiring Visions of their food future!

El Premio Visión de Sistemas Alimentarios otorgará US$2 millones a visionarios globales

How might we envision regenerative and nourishing food futures for 2050? For food systems to be regenerative, nourishing, and able to provide for 10 billion people, they will need to be very different than they are today.

A positive, inspirational Vision, in which we see the possible in our mind’s eye, is the necessary, creative opening to any act of innovation or development we make in the real world. It has the potential to ignite a movement. And it inspires diverse stakeholders to rally and unite behind it. Without a Vision, and the plan it inspires, we do not progress from hope to action.

The Food System Vision Prize, launched by the Rockefeller Foundation and powered by SecondMuse and OpenIDEO is an invitation for organizations, institutions, companies, governments and other entities across the globe to develop a concrete and actionable Vision of the food system that they aspire to see in the year 2050.

The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT is part of the Food System Vision Prize  network of partner organizations, and our experts have supported the development of the program. We will continue supporting the Prize in many ways, such as through mentorship to finalists.

How can you participate?

Visions can be submitted to the Prize now through January 31 and a Grand Prize of $200,000 USD each will be awarded to up to 10 Top Visionary Teams. Finalists will also receive entry into an Accelerator, and gain access to advisors and resources from The Rockefeller Foundation.

As a Food System Vision Prize participant (a.k.a. Visionary) you will be tasked with developing a concrete and actionable Vision for your chosen place—town, state/province, region, bioregion, watershed, or country—through a systems approach.

The deadline for submissions is January 31. For more information, including a comprehensive set of resources for applicants, visit the Food System Vision Prize website. And stay tuned to CIAT’s communications channels for more updates in the coming weeks!