Scientific Research Resources for CIAT Staff - 2016

Scientific Research Resources for CIAT Staff - 2016

We are pleased to present you with an overview of research resources provided by the library branch of our Data, Information, and Knowledge team. All of these resources can be found on the Data, Information, and Knowledge page, under the heading Scientific Research Resources.

CIAT provides full text access to over 1700 academic journals. We subscribe to journals on all of your favourite topics: agriculture, crop protection, plant physiology, climate change, policy, soils, nutrition, and more. 233 of these journals can be found via an alphabetized list. An additional 1500 can be found via Springer Link (access from Outside CIAT).

Particularly exciting is our new subscription to Web of Science (access from Outside CIAT)! Web of Science provides citation indexing and analysis of thousands of the most prominent academic journals. This database allows researchers to identify which articles have been cited most frequently, and who has cited them. The database also provides measures of the academic impact of the papers and journals indexed. Journals indexed in Web of Science make up the ISI Thompson Reuters Master Journal List.

Through Web of Science, users can also access Endnote, a web-based reference organizer. Users can register for an Endnote account for free within Web of Science by selecting Endnote from the top menu bar, and registering with their own email address. Please feel free to provide us with feedback on this service. We are curious to know whether you find it useful.

Resource highlights:

E-Journals – CIAT provides full text access to 233 scientific journals from publishers such as Oxford University Press, Taylor & Francis, National Academy of Sciences, the Entomological Society of America, Nature, Wiley, and Cambridge University Press. Forty-one of these have been purchased in collaboration with the CGIAR. These journals are available via an alphabetized list. You can also view this list by subject or by publisher.

Springer Link – CIAT subscribes to over 1500 scientific journals via Springer Link. Please contact the library for help with advanced searches. We would be happy to assist you. (Access from HeadquartersOutside CIAT)

ScienceDirect – Through ScienceDirect, CIAT provides access to over 3500 journals and 23,000 e-books. For Limited Access articles, please contact the library to obtain a copy. * Please note that CIAT’s ScienceDirect ‘Article Choice’ subscription is limited to any 500 downloads (for journals and books).  (Access from HeadquartersOutside CIAT)

Web of Science – New to CIAT, Web of Science provides citation indexing and analysis of journals maintained by the ISI Thompson Reuters Master Journal List. The ISI Master Journal list is based on specialized selection criteria and is an indicator of journal quality and impact.  (Access from HeadquartersOutside CIAT)

CGSpace – CGSpace is an Open Access repository of agricultural research outputs from several CGIAR Centers and CRPs, including both CIAT Research Online and CCAFS. CGSpace contains over 49,000 records and counting. (Open Access)

CAB OVID/SP Abstracts – Ovid contains abstracts of world agricultural literature from 1973-present. (Access from HeadquartersOutside CIAT)

From CIAT Headquarters, access to subscriptions is seamless and no authentication is required. For users outside of CIAT, select the Outside CIAT option and enter your CIAT username and password.

Our Data and Information Services Team:

Leroy Mwanzia

Data and Information Manager

Leroy can answer questions regarding Data and Information Services overall. Please contact him if you would like us to pursue new subscriptions or if there are any gaps in our services.

[email protected]

Carlos Saa

Information Analyst

Carlos can provide technical assistance with CIAT databases and individual e-journal subscriptions.

[email protected]

Elizabeth Campillo

Information Analyst

Elizabeth can help source Limited Access articles and can provide information regarding how to search for articles yourself.

[email protected]

Megan Zandstra

Library Consultant

Megan would like your feedback on how to make library services at CIAT work better for you. This includes making improvements to the CGSpace/CIAT Research Online repository. Your perspective will benefit all of us.

[email protected]