Effective internal communication to achieve a shared vision

Comunicación interna efectiva para el logro de una visión compartida

Internal communication remains a challenge for many organizations facing the need to inform, involve and build bridges of dialogue between the areas that compose them. Although there are many methods and current trends, it is important not to assume an internal communication plan as a magic formula that will bring immediate results and dispel all controversy.

Therefore, perhaps the first step is to recognize that this is an issue that is done with people, and that raises questions, contradictions and complexities. CIAT lives a multicultural and multidisciplinary context that generates unique challenges that have led to its internal communications team to develop a strategy that goes beyond media management to focus on organizational learning.

As part of this strategy, an action plan has been set for 2016. This plan aims to leave a CIAT community informed, integrated and involved in achieving the strategic objectives of the Center. This impact won’t be achieved in a single year but provides a guide for future actions to be developed in this area, under five guiding principles:

Shared common values and objectives.


Promote a culture of organizational learning.

Integration between teams and regions.

Establish decentralized networks of collaboration.


Produce and share comprehensive information by appropriate means.

Based on this, the internal communications team will work together with administrative and research areas, to promote three themes:


Visibility of CIAT teams in strategic research advances.

Increase people’s understanding about institutional changes underway.

Involvement of employees in the development of new tools and methods designed to improve different processes.

Developing these themes will make use of available internal media and other products designed to cover three dimensions:

Individual, valuing the contributions of individuals to the achievements of CIAT.

Institutional, analyzing how different groups work together to reach common goals.

Corporate, highlighting how CIAT, its donors, peers and sibling CGIAR Centers agree actions that generate positive change for the most vulnerable communities in the tropics.

This is all with the aim of increasing the sense of belonging to the organization between partners, provide timely access to information and improve integration at national and international levels, and among teams.

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If you want to know more about this internal communication plan please consult:
Sylvia Pineda (s.m.pineda@cgiar.org) and / or  José Antonio Arana (j.a.arana@cgiar.org).

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