Bean Atlas 2.0 Launch

Please join us for the launch of the Pan Africa Bean Research Alliance’s Bean Atlas 2.0. A team of specialists involved in creating the atlas will discuss how this tool will be a key reference for everyone across the Africa bean value chain, including farmers, buyers, researchers and supporters of the CGIAR’s bean research.

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Robin Buruchara, Advisor to PABRA

Jean-Claude Rubyogo, Director, PABRA

Rachel Muthoni Andriatsitohaina, Associate Scientist, Alliance

Andrew Farrow, Spatial Analyst, GeAgrofía



In 1998, the Pan Africa Bean Research Alliance (PABRA) launched the first Bean Atlas. The tool became the comprehensive reference for agricultural research and development across bean value chains on the continent. Many new circumstances required the creation of the Bean Atlas 2.0, including the availability of high-resolution geospatial data for Africa, climate change, new improved bean varieties, PABRA’s bean corridor work, the launch of an 11-country West Africa bean network and an increased focus on the role beans play in nutrition.

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The Bean Atlas 2.0