Career options

International Recruited Staff

International Recruited Staff (IRS) positions are those positions for which Senior Management has determined that the skills, experience and expertise necessary to carry out the duties effectively, require a search within the global labour market to attract a pool of applicants of suitable competences. It is important to note that the term “IRS” applies to the employment conditions of the position, not its function. The following criteria will be assessed in determining the designation of a position as Global:

  1. the level of the work (i.e. function and responsibilities) and, consequently, the skills, experience and expertise necessary to carry out work effectively, require a global search to attract a pool of applicants of required level; and
  2. the nature of the work has a global scope of responsibilities such that it requires the appointee to possess and apply his/her disciplinary or functional knowledge and international work experience across a range of relevant countries and regions; and
  3. the nature of the work will, in more senior positions, require an appointee with an appropriate international reputation and record of professional achievements; and
  4. the ability to relocate the position at a future date to another duty station/s globally is desirable to meet evolving organizational objectives and priorities.


National Recruited Staff

National Recruited Staff positions are advertised on the relevant national labor market as it has been determined that the skills and expertise to carry out the duties effectively can be found in the local labor market.

Salaries are paid in the currency of the duty station and the Alliance offers a competitive salary and benefits package that varies according to the location of the duty station where the position is based.

In selected country offices, national recruited staff may be recruited by host institutions. These staff members so recruited will be subject to the rules and regulations and terms and conditions of the Host institution.


Complementary Staff

This category is intended for individuals hired to complete a specific task or undertake activities that are limited in time and scope. Complementary staff applies for research and non-research units; this category includes Emeritus, Visiting Researchers, Consultants, Temporary Staff, and Fellows. 


Junior Professional Officers

The Alliance’s Junior Professional Officer Program provides valuable work experience and training opportunities for young and motivated professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in a research-for-development environment and promotes an understanding of the Alliance and CGIAR.

Junior Professional Offices currently assist our Headquarters and Country Offices worldwide in carrying out our mission to provide research-based solutions that harness agricultural biodiversity and sustainably transform food systems to improve people’s lives.

The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT will provide quality supervision whether you are undertaking a scientific, technical or support-related role, ensuring that you build a solid foundation for further career opportunities.  Several of our Junior Professional Officers have become permanent staff members of the Alliance.