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Bioversity International UK/USABioversity International UK/USA was set up as the charitable arm of the Alliance for the growing number of philanthropists who want to support game-changing research into how we create a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive global food system. We have 501 c 3 status in the US and charitable status in the UK. We have already created a number of partnerships with donors such as the Bezos Earth Fund and we are looking to create future partnerships with philanthropic individuals and foundations who share our mission.


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We rely on courageous, passionate and imaginative supporters like you to help fund our ground-breaking research, to support the next generation of scientists, and ultimately to empower the millions of small holder farmers, fifty percent of whom are women, who grow a third of the world’s food.

Give today and make a bold statement in support of our mission to transform food systems, sustain the planet, drive prosperity and nourish people.

Meet Christella Ndayishimiye

Christella Ndayishimiye, CEO of Totahara, could not find nutritious porridge flour for her baby in Burundi, so she invented her own recipe by adding beans and sesame. The flour was so delicious and nutritious-rich in iron and zinc-that she started producing it for other mothers. With training from our Pan-African Bean Research Alliance (PABRA), she started scaling up production. 

Today, Christella packages and sells the flour throughout Burundi and beyond to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, including young women entrepreneurs in packaging and sealing products for supermarket shelves, and working with women smallholder farmers to supply the beans.

If you would like to would like to hear more about Christella and other amazing women entrepreneurs, please get in contact with us through the form below and we will send you news and updates of their activities.

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How are we changing the world?

Our science spans farm to fork: beginning with research on soil health and carbon sequestration, upwards to the conservation of agricultural biodiversity and promotion of tree planting, and finally into communities where we empower women and young farmers to prosper by growing nutritious and climate-resilient crops. This interconnected work relies on global and local collaborations.

Below meet some of the faces behind our research, and explore stories from the field of our impact.

How we protect biodiversity

Future Seeds
Future Seeds - Alliance Bioversity International - CIAT

Based at the Alliance's Colombia campus in Palmira, Future Seeds is a global innovation hub for the conservation and use of crops, aiming to be a driving force for innovation in agriculture.

Banana Genebank

Our genebank in Leuven is home to the world’s largest collection of banana germplasm. Its mission? To contribute to the secure long-term conservation of the entire banana genepool and hold the collection in trust for the benefit of future generations.

Community Seedbanks
Community Seedbanks - Alliance Bioversity International - CIAT

Community seedbanks conserve crop varieties cultivated and improved by farmers. They can be integral parts of national conservation systems, as coordinating platforms bringing together farmers, plant breeders, and genebank managers.

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