Thai Thi Minh

Thai Thi Minh is a senior researcher – Innovation Scaling at International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Ghana. She formerly was an assistant professor in the Innovation System at the Department Food and Resource Economics of the University of Copenhagen. She leads innovation scaling research and partnership with private and public sector. Her research focuses on developing adaptive, systemic approach to scale water management solutions and farmer-led irrigation to enhance sustainable and resilient food systems while facilitating the system transformation. With over 25 years working in development and academia in Asia, Africa and Europe, her research interests focus on innovation system and innovation scaling in agriculture, agricultural value chain and food systems. The research centralizes at action research approaches to engage multi actors and stakeholders across sectors in innovation and scaling processes. She applies constructivism learning approach to build learners’ ability to reflect knowledge to their experience in everyday work and develop necessary skill and competence to be relevant to specific contexts. Research impacts include inclusive business and interventions for small-scale producers in developing countries; multiple stakeholder dialogues and collective actions for solving practical problems; and institutional and social changes for improving smallholders’ livelihoods and well-being.