Nutrition Education Tools to Improve Diets

This is a collection of nutritional education tools developed and used by the Bioversity International Kenya office. It includes a set of three educational fliers on early-infant nutrition and a food calendar.  

The food calendar describes agrobiodiversity and helps families develop nutritious food plans every month. The calendar is picture based, helping it provide information to households with low levels of literacy. The calendar presents nutrition options in three different food groups: energy-giving foods, protective food, and bodybuilding foods. 

These tools are used to improve diets at the household level through the use of local agrobiodiversity.  

Funding and implementation partners

The calendar has been approved and administered in partnership with Save the Children and the Ministry of Health in Northern Kenya. 

Geographic area

Could be adapted for different regions. 

Next steps/variations

The calendar was originally developed for specific regions in Kenya, but can be adapted to suit the needs of other regions, countries and environments. However, it is important to be aware of the local food systems. It is also important to consider the wild foods of the region and discourage the consumption of toxic wild fruits and endangered species.