Innovative Self-Administered Dietary Assessment Tool

The Self-Administered Dietary Assessment Tool is a picture-based tool to ‘self’-monitor and record local diets over a project period. It is a set of tools (an excel spreadsheet, a short guide, and a food poster) that allows local populations to record their own dietary intake for data collection by scientists. The tool provides nutritional education to the local population through pictures, images and self-assessment. 

This tool is used in regions where literacy is scarce, as it relies on pictures, colours and symbols to convey dietary information. Furthermore, it is a useful tool for data collection when relying on a smaller budget, as it incurs less costs than a traditional interview-based approach. 

Results achieved

This tool enables women to enter their own daily food intake as well as the intake of their children (6-23 months). It has a dual purpose; it assists with data collection on behalf of the researchers and improves nutritional education for the population using the tool. In contrast to an interview-based 24h dietary recall, this type of recall does not capture food quantities and food preparation methods.