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Kenya is well-known for its scenic landscapes and vast wildlife preserves. Its Indian Ocean coastline is lined with historically important ports, where goods from Arabian and Asian traders have long been exchanged.   

Agriculture is essential to Kenya's economy, contributing 33% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and an additional 27% of its GDP indirectly through agriculture’s connection with other sectors. Agriculture employs more than 40% of Kenya’s total population, and more than 70% of Kenya's rural residents. 

Kenya hosts the Alliance’s regional hub for Africa, and for the last 30 years the Alliance’s team in Kenya has been collaborating with national research partners. Our partnerships in Kenya have been key to shaping the country's agricultural landscape and contributing to the countries Agriculture Agenda “towards sustainable agricultural transformation and food security”.  The Alliance in Kenya works closely with the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO), development partners, NGOs, farmers, education centers and private and public institutions, including Kenya’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Ministry of health, and others.    

Our Thematic Areas of Focus in Kenya

The Alliance in Kenya carries out transformative initiatives on diverse thematic areas, ranging from promoting healthy diets, stronger livelihoods, climate-resilient agriculture, biodiversity, farmers’ empowerment through digital technology, and implementing gender and social inclusion strategies. 

Through projects like Diverse seeds and planting materials supporting farm resilience, inclusive value chains and healthy diets in a sustainable Vihiga County food system, we work in Kenya to create food environments that foster healthier diets while ensuring sustainable livelihoods that improve the lives of rural farmers and communities.  

  • Climate Action: Strengthening Agriculture against Climate Challenges  

We support the implementation of climate-smart agriculture practices that support sustainable management of landscapes and ecosystems. Climate Smart Agriculture and AICCRA are examples of our work on climate-resilient agriculture in Kenya.  

In Kenya, preserving biodiversity isn't just about protecting species – it's about protecting food sources and ecosystems. Through projects like ‘More Fruit Diversity for Food Security’, we actively promote the conservation and utilization of diverse crops. We have several seed banks in Kenya that preserve agrobiodiversity. Nature Positive is one project that illustrates our work in Kenya on this topic. 

The Alliance recognizes the importance of equal access to technology. Most of our projects have a digital component, introducing our partners and participating farmers to the benefits of digital agriculture.   

In Kenya and most of Africa, our Pan-Africa Bean Research Alliance (PABRA) works to improve nutrition, feed school children, and contribute to the regional food security agenda.  

Our work on gender and social inclusion in Kenya focuses on capacity building, using gender-transformative approaches, advocacy and policy influence.  

Impact of our Work in Kenya 

At the Alliance, our commitment to driving agricultural transformation in Kenya has achieved significant progress, including: 

  • Food Environment and Consumer Behavior: Through our initiatives on diverse seeds, planting materials, farm resilience, inclusive value chains and healthy diets in Vihiga County’s food systems, we've empowered communities to make healthier dietary choices while enhancing their economic prospects.  

  • Climate Action: Our projects, including AICCRA, have equipped farmers with knowledge on climate-smart agricultural practices 

  • Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture: The implementation of projects such as Nature Positive has both safeguarded agrobiodiversity and increased food security.  

  • Digital Inclusion: Our efforts to promote digitalization are bridging gaps by providing access to innovative solutions, thus empowering farmers with valuable knowledge and tools. 

  • Crops for Nutrition and Health: As seen in projects such as PABRA, and collaborations with KALRO, by improving the nutritional content of staple crops, we've directly contributed to addressing the triple burden of malnutrition. 


  • Empowering Nutrition: Through our projects, we've improved the nutritional quality of staple crops, enhancing dietary diversity and addressing malnutrition challenges.  

  • Climate Resilience: Our efforts have enabled farmers to adopt climate-smart strategies, reducing vulnerability to climate change and enhancing agricultural resilience.  

  • Digital Empowerment: By promoting digital inclusion, we've empowered farmers with access to information and technology, leading to improved practices and increased productivity.  

  • Sustainable Ecosystems: The conservation of biodiversity and the promotion of climate-adaptive crops have contributed to sustainable ecosystems, benefiting both agriculture and the surrounding natural environment. 

  • Empowering Youth: we are working to ensure that young people have access to meaningful jobs, and are empowered to create social enterprises.  

Projects and Flagship Initiatives

In Kenya, the Alliance and its dedicated partners champion a diverse portfolio of impactful projects and initiatives. These endeavors represent our unwavering commitment to transforming sustainable agriculture and development.  

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