Our Mission: Driving Impact at Scale to Enhance Food Systems

The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT is committed to driving impact at scale.  

By harnessing agricultural biodiversity and sustainably transforming food systems, we play a crucial role to halt environmental degradation, mitigate climate change, sustain better agricultural practices and improve the lives of people and the planet.

We deliver on these ambitions through our work on the ground, where research-based solutions developed with our partners allow us to maximize impact for change, at key points in the food system.

Making impact at scale a top organizational priority

To ensure we achieve our core principles of innovation, accountability, and responsiveness, the Alliance has set-up an ad hoc program to bridge research and support delivery known as: Performance, Innovation and Strategic Analysis (PISA) for Impact

Based on highly integrated work practices, PISA for Impact defines our approach on crucial development challenges, including data management, open science, foresight analysis, strategic performance evaluation, assessments of outcomes, and impact. 

Tracking and measuring research-based solutions

Driving tangible impact is a core principle in how the Alliance sustains and leads change at the nexus of agriculture, environment, and nutrition.  

Through a results-based performance management framework, we are strengthening our research and our work on the ground, with a focus on people and inclusion. What this means is that our research activities are responsive, resilient, and demand-driven – developed for and with partners and stakeholders.

Our data-driven solutions are also democratizing research outputs, by establishing best practices for internal as well as external accountability, throughout the entire life cycle of projects, research, and interventions.

Equipped with the right capacities, tools, and resources, and through the advisory of PISA for Impact and in close collaboration with the Technology Integration Unit, our multi-country teams are well poised to drive, track and measure progress and success. Including when impact at scale occurs along nonlinear pathways: over longer periods, as outcomes of multiple interventions, or in ways that are difficult to measure directly. 

Ultimately, for us, impact is not just an end goal, but it is a lodestar in the way we work,  execute our Strategy, and accelerate science-based solutions towards robust, tangible changes.

We invite you to take a look at our Results Dashboard, which includes all of the Alliance's reported Outcomes, Policies, Innovations, Publications and Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Impact Assessments (MELIAs) reports which have been produced within the funding portfolio 2017-2021 under the CGIAR Research Programs and Platforms where the Alliance participates. We have created a quick guide to show you how to browse through the results. You can also download the content in PDF format.

Browse the RESULTS Dashboard

Please come back often as we continue to further integrate this information with other areas of the organization to make the dashboard more robust.