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How grass translates to cash in Western Kenya

Webinars: ¿Cómo diseñar intervenciones en agricultura?

Towards smart farming in Ethiopia: sharing experiences for successful adaptation of small-scale irrigation and value chain assessment

La Alianza Bioversity – CIAT entregará dos ultracongeladores en Palmira para almacenar vacunas COVID

The Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT will deliver two freezers to Palmira to store COVID vaccines

Alliance Women in Science: Then and Now

Launch of first digital catalog of cassava varieties from Cauca, Colombia

Scientists convene to reveal new research and tools for combatting a deadly banana disease

Where is my crop? Data-driven Initiatives for Rice and Cassava Analysis

Avanza fortalecimiento de capacidades agrometeorológicas en Panamá

Inspiring Ethiopian youth to adopt smart farming

Toward a sustainable coffee future in Vietnam’s Central Highlands

The downward trend: Nature’s decline risks our quality of life

Responding to the effects of COVID-19 on smallholder bean farmers in Kenya and Uganda

How improved livestock and pasture management practices are impacting agro-pastoralists in East Africa

Forest and landscape restoration: Beyond fixes that fail

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: 2nd International Agrobiodiversity Congress

Surprising trove of sorghum diversity discovered in Australia — but it’s disappearing fast

The role that a plate could play in a city

Where can we grow Alfalfa?

Increasing business knowledge for sustainable and healthier diets in Kenya

El Valle del Cauca da sus primeros pasos en resiliencia climática con la implementación de la Mesa Técnica Agroclimática

America’s crop cousins are numerous, imperiled, and more needed than ever

GANSO: When the development of good practices and sustainable technologies reaches consumers

Using the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact to gauge progress in a city region

‘Rambo root’ could help with climate action, peace building and environmental issues

A bordo de ‘’Un Viaje en Común’’

The Alliance is grateful for the release of Jesús Quintana, Managing Director for the Americas

En Cali, nace la Alianza por la alimentación y uso del suelo

A city region as a food lab for a greater understanding of food systems

Alliance managing director for the Americas freed after kidnapping

El Valle del Cauca instala Mesa Técnica Agroclimática para contribuir a mitigar efectos del cambio climático en la región


Reclaiming the lost glory of sandy soils in Kenya

Alliance contributes to nationwide climate-resilient agriculture in the Philippines

CIAT receives international science and technology cooperation award from Hainan, China

Cooperatives in Agriculture have solutions for Climate Change

Food system sustainability indexes– are we comparing apples and oranges?

Agrobiodiversity is needed to sustain Human Health, now more than ever

Women making great strides in ensuring food security in Burundi

Better than money? In-kind payments incentivize farmers to conserve agrobiodiversity

On the hunt for wild bananas in Papua New Guinea

Better health – for people and the planet – grows on trees

Siguen abiertas inscripciones para recibir semillas biofortificadas

What digital revolution? Hundreds of millions of farmers still cannot get online

Open sharing of standardized data for sustainable agricultural

Aerial images detect and track food security threats for millions of African farmers

The next generation of biodiversity conservation targets must aim higher than ever

Ganadores caleños del Space Apps Challenge con talento de exportación

Open Access: A quick guide for researchers

Latin America poised to lead the next 50 years in food systems and agrobiodiversity research

Chen and the Chocolate Factory

Latin America leads global agricultural innovation at CGIAR’s Americas-based centers

Cameroon’s “Bean Sharer”

Burkina Faso: Rural women’s perspectives on COVID-19

CCAFS y la Alianza Bioversity Internacional y CIAT amplían acuerdo de cooperación con el CAC

Dos equipos caleños representarán a la ciudad en el Space Apps 2020 Global

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Food System Vision Prize Finalists include Alliance partner, CIP

Collaboration for the future of coffee and cocoa

Farmer knowledge is key to finding more resilient crops in climate crisis

Environmental Finance gives award to Alliance-backed impact investment fund in Brazil

Why we save seeds in Uganda

The Government of Ucayali, Peru, adopts strategies to strengthen cocoa and palm oil value chains

Sharing a vision: youth, women and the future of fine flavor cacao

Reversing biodiversity loss requires swift action on conservation and food systems

Due to pandemic, hunger and economic strife hit smallholder farmers in Lesotho

For Latin American coffee growers, climate change is now

Santiago de Cali: seleccionada para la hackatón virtual de la NASA

200 jóvenes participaron en el primer programa virtual “Bio-Aprendiz”

A sweet business in the Brazilian Amazon

Can cocoa save Colombia’s forests?

CIAT and Ingredion Inc. signed an agreement to develop next-generation waxy cassava varieties for the North Coast of Colombia

Sustainability of food systems: 5 steps beyond the EAT Lancet Report

Virtual Trainings Assess Sustainable Livestock Production

An action-oriented Food Systems Dialogue

Supporting the resilience of indigenous peoples during COVID-19

Identifying local solutions in the Barotse Floodplain for sustainable agricultural development

Playing chess with a pigeon – food safety, food security and obesity in Vietnam

From the field: how on-farm biodiversity is transforming community livelihoods in Kenya

Examine narratives to end policy deadlock, boost agricultural development in Africa, economists say

Partnerships for solutions: assessing COVID’s impacts on poor urban consumers in Africa

Coming to the rescue – Payment for Agrobiodiversity Services to safeguard crop varieties in Guatemala

The complex relationship between deforestation and diet diversity in the Amazon

Researchers and entrepreneurs bring back forgotten gems: underutilized crops transformed into healthy snacks

How COVID-19 is impacting banana-producing countries

Working across institutions and disciplines for science-based responses to fight COVID-19 in Ethiopia

Not so robust: robusta coffee more sensitive to warming than previously thought

AI goes underground: root crop growth predicted with drone imagery

Scientists unlock secrets of Ethiopia’s superfood in race to save it from warming climate

The response from the Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT to the COVID-19 crisis in Asia

Biodiversity: a building block for a healthier future

The response from the Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT to COVID-19 impacts on global food systems

Distributing high-iron and zinc bean varieties to women farmers during COVID-19

Earth Day 2020: Climate Action for resilient food systems

A Call to Action for world leaders preventing a global food security crisis while combating COVID-19

Caring for the seeds of the future during the quarantine

An Alliance for Trees: Why forest biodiversity is “too precious to lose”

Making gender equality integral to global agricultural research

Farming with Joy: How to build resilience one bean at a time

Alliance’s Colombia genebank hits conservation target with shipment to Svalbard